Hey all this is a sign-up for our next fundraiser.  We have gotten donations of coffee and cider and will be selling cups for $1 in the Davis Center on November 17th and 19th.  We have the tables from 9-12 and need people to table.  It takes two seconds to go in and select which times you want to table.  I set it up for every 15 minutes so if you have class and don't get out right at a certain start time then select the time that fits it the best.  Please make sure that you sign up for the full time that you can be there.  Don't forget that the slots are only 15 minute intervals!
Also if anyone is interested in making some baked goods (muffins, cookies etc.) please email me and let me know.  We will be passing around a sign-up sheet at the next meeting for any spots that are unfilled.
Thank you all

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