Also, I should be able to set up a morning for the move back of the Pad. Do we have a confirmation on whether or not the
oven is to be built prior to the snow fall? or will this be delayed?

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Brick Making!

Hi All,
So we've finalized dates for the completion of our bricks. They will  
be this Sunday, 11/9, next Sunday, 11/16, and finally Sunday December  
7. We need everyone's help to finish these bricks, so please mark your  
calendars (I will send out other reminders), and make EVERY effort to  
be there. It really is a lot of fun playing in mud for a couple hours,  
and the more people that come, the faster the job gets done!
Thanks everyone!

And just a heads up reminder: Our next Meeting will be this coming  
Wednesday--I will email everyone later with an itinerary!