And me, please.

Sherry Mahady

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Count me in for that, too.

Steve Trombulak

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>Hey Greg'   if you would like to lead and Owl night
>sign me up.
>Peter Manship
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>>I had a fantastic evening of owls and other creatures of the night
>>between  6:30 and 10:00 last night.
>> I set out around 6:30 but didn't get lucky until an hour later. I
>>stopped  at  Brilyea and about 50 yards from the first parking area
>>down the access  road  I was able to call in 2 EASTERN SCREECH-OWLS
>>(gray morph). I left my high  beams on and then played a recording.
>>First one and then another bird made  an appearance, visible in the
>>trees by the light of my car. Each time I  played the recording they
>>would change their perches, on two occasions  coming quite close. All
>>in all I was able to observe them for about 25  minutes.
>> All the while, 2 GREAT-HORNED OWLS were calling from the stand of
>>pines on  the opposite side of the creek.
>> After Brilyea, I stopped at the goose viewing area. Again using a
>> recording I was able to call in a SHORT-EARED OWL and
>actually got to
>> view the bird from underneath as it circled several times
>near my car.
>> I didn't have the presence of mind to record its barking as it
>> back and forth, but I was able to record a few barks after
>it settled
>> a ways off in the field. Just let me know, I'd be happy to forward
>> this recording to folks as well...there are even some
>restless Canada
>> Geese honking in the background.
>> I then headed to Snake Mountain in the hopes of finding Saw-whets. I
>> couldn't turn up anything on the west side of the mountain
>> Road), but I did have some wonderful encounters on the east side
>> (Snake Mountain Road). I pulled over at one spot and played
>a saw-whet
>> recording a few times over. I suddenly caught sight of
>something small
>> fly in and alight on a nearby tree...and then another, except this
>> time, the flying object hit the tree and then skittered up the trunk
>> only to disappear in the foliage. The air was active with twittering
>> and here and there I could hear movement on the forest floor. These
>> clearly weren't saw-whets like I initially thought.
>> My growing suspicions were soon confirmed...a twittering
>arose behind
>> me and I turned my flashlight to a tree just on the other
>side of the
>> road. There was a little squirrel sitting on a branch and
>flicking its
>> tail before springing away into the darkness.
>> I believe I had my first FLYING SQUIRRELS (southern?) and perhaps
>> roused them with my owl recording.
>> Also while there I did have one SAW-WHET calling a little ways off,
>> which I managed a brief recording, and in some distant
>fields below a
>> pack of Coyotes were riling up the local dogs.
>> By the time I left Snake Mountain it was just after 9:00 and
>I figured
>> I'd put in another hour or so. At Mt. Philo State Park, I heard
>> SAW-WHET tooting near the trailhead and a little further into the
>> woods a shriek betrayed a second bird.
>> On the way home I drove by Williams Woods in the hopes of
>making it a
>> five owl night...but unfortunately had no luck with Barred.
>> The night's total:
>> Good birding,
>> Greg
>> Vergennes