Yesterday, two of us got long good looks (scope and binoculars) at a  
loon right off the South Hero end of the Colchester Causeway that we  
were sure was a Red-Throated, not a Pacific. But so many people have  
seen a Pacific Loon right there that I'm needing some confirmation.

Our bird was distinguished by a great deal of white in front, on its  
neck and on the lower half-to-two-thirds of its face. The white went  
a little above its eye; the loon looked as though it had a curved  
white eyebrow against the darker color of the top of its head. There  
was some speckling on the back, though not as much as in the Sibley  

We saw a Common Loon also, but not a Pacific Loon.

Larry Haugh was heading out as we were going back toward the cars.  
Larry, did you see the bird we described?


Maeve Kim
Jericho Center