Hi David,

Good seeing you this morning at Charlotte Town Beach. I actually felt 
your concern, as I threatened to collapse into your arms as I began my 
ascent from the beach with scope in hand! I didn't really think I would 
fall - but those stones certainly looked as though they might have been 

Anyway, I think the photos you posted of the Cave Swallow are excellent 
- unequivocal evidence that the bird was indeed a Cave and not some 
impossibly late Cliff Swallow.  I tried to download the photos for my 
file of "rare birds seen" - but apparently I don't presently qualify as 
"a friend," although I think we are indeed friends (otherwise you would 
have been willing to allow me to fall on my nose as  I lugged my scope 
up from the beach). So, if you can forward me one of the better photos 
that I can download, I would be greatly appreciative. I'm not into 
collecting tons of gorgeous photos, but I would certainly like having a 
reminder of this brave little bird defying the odds here in 
about-to-be-wintry Vermont.

Thanks so much.


David Hoag wrote:
> photo of Cave Swallow at
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