Hello All,

There were "seven" Short-eared Owls located over the fields south of Gage 
Rd. in Addison last evening. They put on quite an aerial display for myself and 
two other birders. The first owl was spotted at 4:53 p.m. It flew around for a 
bit then landed atop a row of soil. We all enjoyed nice looks at it while it was 
there. Then more owls started flying over the field in front of us joined by 
even more until they totaled seven. Their bouncy, swift and seemingly 
choreographed group hunting behavior was an awesome sight to behold. We 
watched them for about 10 minutes. The conditions were great for seeing 
them last evening as they were even more visible with the aid of the amply 
provided moonlight. 

Good luck to any that try to see them. It is well worth the "effort".

Enjoy Birds,

Jim Mead