Salutations all,

Two interesting articles on slashdot this mornin'.

1) "Scientists at UCLA have accidentally created a material that will  
some day give us better, faster, cheaper, more flexible digital  
cameras. I toured their lab and shot a photo essay for Wired.  
Personally I'm looking forward to a quantum-dot embedded camera sensor  
someday soon. 'Graduate student Hsiang-Yu Chen was working on a new  
formula for solar cells when something went wrong. Instead of creating  
electricity when hit with light, the conductivity of the material she  
was working with changed. "The original purpose [was] to make a solar  
cell more efficient," says Chen. "However, during the research we  
found the solar cell phenomenon [had] disappeared." Instead, the test  
material showed high gain photoconductivity, indicating potential use  
as a photo sensor.'"


2) Nifty little article called "Artists Ship" by Paul Graham  
( -- some of you may have read  
this already.

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