Davis Advisory Committee

December 3, 2008




Kate held several focus groups before Thanksgiving break that

            focused general on the building and personal feedback.  She

            will be meeting with individuals in the building to forward info



We are close to purchasing, with Student and Campus Life, access to the

            Student Voice services for assessment.  It is a robust service that

            will allow hand-held/in-the-field and web based assessment.


We hosted 4 visitors from Qatar this week.  They were here to look at how

            we do “green”.


We have moved Diwali Night to the list of preferred events for access purposes.


We are examining the issues that emerged holding activities that are “games of

            chance” in a permitted alcohol location.


We partnered with the Counseling Center to install 4 SAD lights in the building.


We are fine-tuning the special exceptions process with CAES.


Fall ACUI Conference – We hosted the Regional ACUI.  We were involved in

presenting 4 sessions, had multiple tours of the building, and overall folks

were in awe!


Social Justice Mural – We continue in the RFP process for a social justice

mural to be located in the southern end of the tunnel.


Class of 2008 Gift installation – The Class Gift will likely be installed over

            the Winter week.


Sustainability Gallery – Plans are being finalized to further enhance the

            Sustainability Gallery space at the North end of the tunnel.  Phased

            work will continue throughout the year.


Traffic Numbers – This fall thus far = 583,266 (VT = 624,000)







Chalkboard Concept – concerns?


Open Tenant's Space Process

         We will discuss the open retail space in the building and where we are in

            the process to begin an RFP process.  Identify the pros and cons for the            

            two received proposals as we collect more details for their RFP.






Patrick Brown
Director of Student Life and the 
Dudley H. Davis Center
(802) 656-2060

The Department of Student Life's mission is to foster an inclusive culture of student leadership development, community involvement, and programming in order to develop a socially just community of lifelong learners.