We have had locks cracked before as well.  There are very few locks that can't be cracked....given enough time and energy.  I look at it as the first line of defense.   I have gotten the teachers use to letting me know when the combo is "out" and I change them but I would suggest that if the student who cracked the lock is known, that consequences be given.   I turned off her network and email account for a while and spoke with did not take long for word to get out that cracking a lock is no different than breaking into the school and then the problems seemed  to get much better.  I am sure as time rolls along it will happen again but I like to use these as learning moments!

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I've got another one for you. It has come to my attention that our Bretford cart combination lock combinations are common knowledge to all the kids. This is due to a combination of teachers leaving the locks unscrambled, the kids watching the teacher unlock the lock, and just curious students using their math skills while the teacher isn't looking. I did a google search on padlocks, and one of the first items I saw was a utube movie of a kid picking a maximum security BRINKS padlock. I'm now wondering if any kind of locking system is worth it. Anyhow, what kind of locks are you using in your schools? I'd need a lock with multiple keys, or a key that can be copied. This of course makes me nervous too, but we need to get some kind of working system in place - other than locking the carts away in a room from everyone.


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