Vince, I am sure Bryant won't mind me butting in here.    Untangle can create different policies via Active Directory however you need the Active Directory Connector, which includes a vbs script that runs at logon.   Also within the last month they now offer eSoft filter addon which is updated commercially and has 3 times the categories as thier free user updated version they currently have.

At proctor I chose not to use the eSoft filter but have purchased the Remote Access Portal which allows me to give secure web file & RDP access to my staff and students (for some reason it shows the hidding shares like C$ so I have not rolled it out to students yet., and only select staff).

p.s. Untangle's support on the paid version is ausome, the few times I have had to use them, and the forms are great.

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A couple of months ago, I posted a message looking for info on Untangle.  You seem to have been the one recommended as most knowledgeable.  We were, at that time, just getting an Untangle server up and running and were having some success with it, but we needed more granular filtering than the free version would allow. For the last month or so, we've been running an evaluation of 8e6's product: IR3000.  It looked extremely promising but has, in practice, been clumsy in handling Mac filtering.  

Anyway, my short-version question is this:  can Untangle - in any version - filter by authentication?

Elaboration:  We cannot effectively filter by IP address because many of our computers are shared by faculty and students.  What we had hoped to do was have the filter identify people via LDAP and have their filter level be based on their status (e.g., student, staff, faculty).  8e6 was able to do this, but - on the Macs - only with an annoying separate login routine each time they opened a browser.  The Mac folks haven't been happy with this - though we might be able to continue with this aggravation if necessary, but I can't see paying big (for us) bucks to 8e6 when perhaps we could achieve the same annoyance level for much less money. :-)

Back to the shorter question: can Untangle meet our needs?

Thanks for any help you can offer.



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> Vince -
>   I have installed several of these Untangle gateways.  Feel free to  
> ping me with any questions and I will track down the answers for you.
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> On Oct 6, 2008, at 9:30 PM, Vincent Rossano wrote:
>> Folks,
>> Anyone out there have any experience with, or know much about, the  
>> open source gateway from Untangle?
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