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Some questions have arisen concerning the ruling in October on the Broadband Data Improvement Act (S. 1492). This ruling contains an online safety mandate for all schools.  I want folks to be aware of it and to understand the implications on schools.  I belong to an organization called SETDA, State Education Technology Directors Association and they have been trying to clarify for us in the field the overall language and implications of the bill.  I received this missive just before Christmas....
SETDA has reached out to clarify some of your questions related to the new internet safety legislation which made changes to the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and applies to districts receiving funding for E-rate and EETT.   This law only applies to schools/district receiving EETT or eRate funding. The bullet below identifies the new requirement and additional information is also available at this link: http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/consumerfacts/cipa.html

This following statement is the piece that cuts to the chase... Note that you have a requirement, but districts are allowed to decide how they meet that requirement.  This could be something tied to your AUP, and also could be some language in your new technology plan which you'll be seeing guidelines for in early January. 
"As you have mentioned, the requirement is very broad and this new law was intended NOT to burden districts.  The intention is to leave the decisions up to the district on how to meet the requirement.  Districts can meet it in just about any way e.g., putting materials on a website, distributing fliers, having an Internet Safety handbook, etc.  The only real requirement is that they have an internet safety education policy and certify that they meet it.  The FCC nor USAC, the E-rate governing board, has yet to issue any kind of guidance on the policy and it seems both bodies are unlikely to do so in the near future."
Please share this information with your school leadership and pass along to any other parties in your district that may have a stake in this arena....

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