By the way, it is laughable that someone who has refused to read and consider the many scientific arguments that I and others have posted over the last several years demonstrating that HIV causes AIDS would even use the word "unscientific." I will leave it to our moderator, who declared a moratorium against this discussion sometime back, and other list members to decide if we want to reopen it now.

I am sure the editors of Science will give this letter the attention it deserves.


On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 5:48 PM, Mitchel Cohen <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
This is no way to dismiss a very serious argument about a very specific and purportedly seminal bit of research. It is simply ad-hominem, and a VERY unscientific approach.

We'll see if Science magazine publishes the letter. There are enough luminaries who've signed it that will hopefully carry it past the usual gatekeepers.

It's generally worth checking, Michael, one's own presuppositions, and to not be so afraid that everything you've been arguing is at least more nuanced than you believed.


At 05:19 PM 12/15/2008, you wrote:
Wow, this is really hot stuff. I suppose the thousands of papers that have independently confirmed that HIV causes AIDS since Gallo's original publication are now invalidated too.

btw, Janine Roberts doesn't believe that viruses cause disease, even polio (recall Jim West.)

But comrades like Mitchel will continue to be suckers for this kind of thing as long as they refuse to get scientifically educated.


On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 5:05 PM, Mitchel Cohen < [log in to unmask]> wrote:
From: janine roberts < [log in to unmask]>

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 15th December 2008




Nearly 25 years after the publication of four foundational articles
on HIV and AIDS,
prominent scientists, physicians and legal experts have written to
the Science journal to ask for their withdrawal because they "lack
integrity and veracity."

Their request is based on documentary evidence of fraud uncovered by
a British investigative journalist, Janine Roberts and published in
her new book "Fear of the Invisible."

Roberts stated: "I was shocked to discover this evidence of grave
scientific fraud, the more so because it is in documents unearthed
and verified by government inquiries in the 1990s but then buried
without comment. This could be the scientific scandal of the century. "

The new evidence reveals that Dr. Robert Gallo, the former US
National Cancer Institute (NCI) laboratory chief famed for proving
HIV causes AIDS, for which he has been awarded 27 honorary degrees
and the USA and Germany's most prestigious scientific awards, based
this claim on his own unverified major
<>last-minute alterations to the
report made by Mikulas Popovic, the scientist in his laboratory who
had actually carried out the key experiment and who had concluded
quite differently.

What is particularly astonishing is that these previously unreported
changes are in the authenticated draft of the key lead paper as it
was one week before going for publication. One of Gallo's changes to
this draft has been previously cited by government investigations as
proving that Gallo used a virus 'borrowed' from the Institut
Pasteur. This is a major reason why scientists from the latter
institute last week won a Nobel Prize for this discovery, and not
Robert Gallo. However, what has not been previously reported are the
many other changes Gallo made.

What we now know is that about seven days before the paper was to go
for publication, Gallo returned from abroad to find that Popovic had
in the draft paper, not only admitted to using the French virus, but
also to not having tested it to see if it caused AIDS.

Roberts explains what happened next. "Gallo was faced with a personal
disaster. He had told numerous people that he anticipated great
success and had arranged for the paper to be published
prominently. So he rewrote the paper by hand, despite him not having
done the work. The draft reveals that he deleted by hand Popovic's
explicit statement: "Despite intensive research efforts, the
causative agent of AIDS has not yet been identified" and changed the
rest so substantially that the paper would be acclaimed when
published as proving the very opposite."

The letter now sent to Science from 37 signatories reports:
"Popovic's final conclusion was that the culture he produced
'provides the possibility' for detailed studies. He claimed to have
achieved nothing more. At no point in his paper did Popovic attempt
to prove that any virus caused AIDS, and it is evident that Gallo
concealed these key elements in Popovic's experimental findings."

Gallo and Popovic share part of the substantial revenue from a patent
for HIV tests that cites and is based this same paper.

The letter's 37 signatories include medical doctors, chemists,
oncologists, university professors, virologists, researchers,
pathologists and biologists. A lawyer has also signed who is the Lead
Counsel in the Rwanda War Crimes Tribunal.

Roberts' new book includes scanned copies of the evidence that, in
the view of their view, substantiates her charges. This evidence is
now also available on her <>book's

The prestigious International Semmelweis Organization, a body that
focuses on matters of medical ethics, yesterday endorsed this same letter.

This deceit is the more important because it has since proved
impossible to repeat the experiment as published. The Office of
Research Integrity of the US Department of Health and Human Services
reported in 1993: 'Gallo's irresponsible laboratory management has
permanently impaired the ability to retrace the important steps
taken.' An investigation conducted by Congressman John Dingell
between 1990 and 1994 further reported that Gallo distributed
research materials with the express stipulation that his experiments
be not be repeated.

The letter calling for the withdrawal of these papers concludes: "For
the scientific record to be reliable, it is vital that papers shown
to be flawed, or falsified be retracted."

Janine Roberts

Author, "Fear of the Invisible"

ISBN 9780955917721

Impact Investigative Media Productions

Landline (44) 117 925 6818 Cell (44) 7970 253931

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< >
< >

Clark Baker

Semmelweis Society International, Inc. (SSI)

(323) 650-6667 (voice) (323) 656-3909 (fax)

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The letter sent to the Science journal.
< >Available
Here With References.

The Semmelweis Board resolution
<>on this matter.

The altered lead paper, with handwritten changes by Robert Gallo.

Letter from Head of Electron Microscopy at the NCI, reporting no
viruses in sample Gallo has said contained his AIDS virus. This is
dated four days before the papers went to
Science<>. Here.

Letter from Robert Gallo dated one day before the papers went to
Science stating it is very rare to find his AIDS virus in AIDS
patients. <>Here.

Letter to the Nobel
Foundation< >.


Semmelweis Press Release.
< >Here.

Brief Bio on Author.

Janine Roberts has written on medical, human rights and environmental
matters for over 30 years. Her work has appeared in the Melbourne Age
(Australia), the Independent (UK), the Financial Times and numerous
other papers and magazines. Her investigative documentary films have
been shown on the BBC, the PBS network in North America and the ABC
in Australia.

US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney said of her: "Janine Roberts is the
rare individual who unflinchingly speaks truth to power. She battles
her way past all the obstacles and provides us with a glimpse of
those who are in the innermost circles of global power. She exposes
what they do and how they do it and how it comes to hurt us all. She
gave testimony for me at a Hearing in Congress that was shocking in
its revelations but thorough in its documentation." This testimony
was on human rights in Africa.

Her books include "<>Glitter and Greed,"
reviewed by the literary editor of the Independent, Boyd Tonkin, as
"Formidably well researched and widely sourced account and damning
exposure of the international diamond trade. Her gripping book for
once merits the epithet 'brilliant.' Its latest edition takes us
inside De Beers' diamond mines in South Africa to discover that
several of them are highly contaminated with asbestos fibres, as
these can naturally occur in the same rocks, with the miners
reporting they are given very little protection. When 200 miners were
tested from the Premier Mine, every one of them had asbestosis - yet
De Beers had declared safe the dust in its mines. This is based on
previously unpublished medical and governmental reports. Her film
"The Diamond Empire" helped to start the movement against blood diamonds.

She has also authored a number of books on the treatment of
Aborigines in Australia.

Her new investigation is the well-documented and paradigm-changing
book "<>Fear of the Invisible"

ISBN 9780955917721 Published by Impact Investigative Media
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Link to book in the US
< >

Link to book in the UK

< >

Discounts are available from the publisher for bookshops and other
distributers. The publisher is actively seeking African, Latin
American and Asian distribution. If journalists require review
copies, please use above email address.

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