Spot on, Herb;

But, if you'd bothered to read the article you would have discovered that 
the words are those of James Heartfield, not myself, though I find much in 
his writings that are provocatively true.  And whatever else you may think, 
I am a worker (fourth generation carpenter, or in my case, millwright, which 
is part of the international brotherhood of carpenters).  If we had more 
time, I'd try to simplify the model of intellectual vs worker leadership for 
you.   But I doubt it would do any good here, in any case.

Louis Godena

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> Not quite right Louis. There are environmentalists who open up new 
> possibilities for capitalism and there are those who in the spirit of Marx 
> show the connection between the current sources of destruction of the 
> environment in capitalism and also show that degradation of the 
> environment is one more form of class oppression. You have a very ugly 
> view of the working class Louis as your comment on Claudia's post 
> exhibited. I am offended; my class brothers have given leadership to many 
> struggles that you consider to be intrinsically the domain of 
> "intellectuals." [Could it be that you are not yourself of the working 
> class and your attack stems from intellectual self-hate?]
> Being concerned about massive cow farting is only partly an attack on 
> "industrial" capitalism, since agricultural workers and small farmers are 
> also tied to the production of cow meat. In addition, your quote ignores 
> the tight connection between finance capital and industrial capital. In 
> any historical period there is but one capitalism thoroughly linked.
> herb
> Louis R Godena wrote:
>> "One of the great failings of the left has been that rather than 
>> challenge the main trend of capitalism, they have reinforced it. At a 
>> time when capitalism has retreated from production, the radicalsí main 
>> demand is that they retreat further. And here it is the ideology of 
>> environmentalism that has done the most damage. The environmentalists 
>> think that they are anti-capitalists. But they are not. At best what they 
>> are doing is attacking industrial capitalism."