Could you clarify some apparent inconsistencies. You state 2700 SF and the HERS report indicates 2966 SF conditioned space.
Are you saying that your annual heating load was 175 kWh, or 185 kWh adjusted for the entire year?
And, if I may ask again, would you share the $/SF cost? That number is every bit as important as kWh/yr to evaluate whether a house design is replicable as well as efficient. 
- Robert

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Hi Folks


Our super insulated passive solar house in Charlotte is a LEED platinum home with an HERS score of 0.  We have been living there since August 07.  We far exceeded our energy 10 model for performance.

The house is 2700 SF and used  5750 kWh from Jan 10th  to Decemeber 20th 345 days.  That includes all of our electric cooking and about 175 kWh(converted)  wood stove . Our 10kWh net metered turbine has produced more than that for a net energy gain.


Those are real results


David Pill