I wanted to let people know about one of the most far reaching and
innovative energy efficiency movements in construction called the Passive
House Movement.  It started in Germany perhaps 12-15 years ago spurred on by
the Kyoto Protocol and the German Government.  Over 15,000 of these houses
have been built in Central Europe and the concept is spreading fast.  There
have been few cold climate models but there are many experiments underway.
The idea is similar to net zero but more innovative. You can find out more
details in the links below.

    You can read a report of the 3rd annual Passive House Conference in the
US just held in Duluth, MN here:

    And you can visit the US passive house center here:

There is even a smaller movement of building designers working on combining
the Passive House concept with Natural Building.

    The passive house model is based on real use rather than designs and is
backed up with fuel use receipts.
    If anyone knows of anyone trying a Passive House in VT, please let me


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