Temperatures warmed up throughout the day today, so E and I headed up to Bolton with the boys in the afternoon and here’s a conditions update.  When we got up to the mountain in the 2:30 – 3:00 P.M. range, the temperature was approaching 30 F, and there was a light breeze at times.  In this morning’s snow report, the mountain indicated that they had over 50% of their terrain open, and based on the fact that they haven’t even expanded to the Timberline or Wilderness areas yet, I’d say that they must have opened most of the terrain on the main mountain.  The snow report indicated that the expert runs like Vista Glades, Preacher, and TNT were open, so that is a very good sign that coverage is doing well.  We didn’t hit any expert terrain with the boys, but we did end up going off piste and hit some advanced terrain when Ty noticed that some of the Forest area was open.  The snow in there was excellent, with packed powder and powder available.  There were a few objects poking around that might grab your skis, but coverage was mostly there, and that was on the lower half of the main mountain.  There is still a bit of breakable crust around in some areas, although in some of the more protected spots in the trees, you can’t find it at all.  Out in the open on the trails you had to be on your guard however when you skied the powder, because one side of a trail might have little if any crust, whereas the other side would have more and you would have to manage it.  A couple shots from the day are included below.


Oh and I got the following at the end of my snow report email today, I figured I’d pass it on in case anyone was in need of cheap skiing:


“(And while I have your attention, it's probably worth mentioning that lift tickets all next week will be an absurd $14. I will take your silence as shock and gratitude.)”






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