Summary:  7.4” new snow in Waterbury (495’) as of 5:45 P.M. EST


Sunday, December 21st, 2008:  4:00 P.M. update from Waterbury, VT


New Snow: 6.7 inches

Liquid Equivalent:  0.39 inches

Snow/Water Ratio: 17.2

Snow Density:  5.8%

Temperature:  17.6 F

Humidity:  83%

Dew Point:  11.5 F

Barometer:  29.65 in. Hg

Wind:  Calm

Sky:  Moderate Snow

Storm snow total:  6.7 inches

Storm liquid equivalent total:  0.39 inches

Current snow at the stake:  18 inches

Season snowfall total:  66.6 inches


The snow started here at ~8:35 P.M. this morning, and began to pick up in intensity after about 10:00 P.M.  It has come down in starts and stops as others have noted, and we’ve had some very heavy bouts of 1-2”/min snowfall along with lots of light snow.  We went up to Bolton Valley with the boys at around 2:00 P.M. this afternoon to make a few turns in the fresh snow, and couldn’t believe it when we got to the village (2,100’) and found that the resort was devoid of skiers and the lifts weren’t running.  It was dead calm, snowing moderately to heavily, and about 17 F so it was hard to ask for more enjoyable conditions.  So, with no lifts we decided to hike for a couple runs and had some good skiing anyway.  The powder wasn’t quite as light and dry as yesterday’s stuff (my valley numbers suggest we’re in the 6% H2O range vs. the 4-5% H2O range from Saturday) but it was still nice.  The powder had in fact settled more than what we skied yesterday, which may have been due to some wind.  Before we headed back down to the house, I asked at the skier services desk why the lifts weren’t running.  I was informed that the midday had seen incredible winds up on the mountain (~45 MPH) and they’d had to close down the lifts.  Apparently the winds had abated not long before we got up there, but they didn’t want to start up the lifts again for just a couple of hours so they called it a day.  I emptied my snow/rain gauge and recovered 0.29 inches of liquid, which was a whole tenth of an inch shy of what I recovered on the snowboard.





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