Hereís a quick update from Bolton Valley this morning.  It was ~15 F when I left our house in Waterbury (495í) and 10 F up in the village parking area (~2,100í).  There was some wind, which only seemed to be in the 10-20 MPH range at that elevation, but another guy in the parking lot said that the whole mountain was on wind hold.  I hadnít brought any skins, but I did have a backpack in the car so I figured Iíd strap my skis to it and do some hiking.  When I got up to the base lodge I found that the Mid Mountain Lift was actually running, so I rode that up to Mid Mountain (2,500í) and then started hiking from that point.  There were several other people doing the same thing, some hiking up toward Upper Glades, some hiking over toward Cobrass, and another guy heading up Shermanís Pass.  I was thinking of hitting Vermont 200 since it has some wind protection, so I strapped my skis to my pack and followed his tracks.  The hiking was fine, since Shermanís was groomed, but it was a lot more work if you hit a drift or tried to go off trail.  The mountain was reporting 15 inches of new snow, and there was some drifting and a few scoured places, but that seemed about right from what I saw and the fact that we had 13.4 at our house down in the valley.  The top part of Vermont 200 was drifted and wind-slabby, but by the middle section it got good and I had first tracks through there.  I checked the snow depth in the middle of the trail where it hadnít been affected by wind, and generally found 18 inches of accumulation in that area.  Overall, the powder was decent, but even where it hadnít been affected by wind it was nothing too spectacular by Northern Vermont standards.  It seemed to be in the light to medium density range, with my data from down in the valley indicating ~6% H2O, but it probably didnít have the greatest dendrites because it seemed to settle more than some 6% H2O powder.  It certainly paled in comparison to the spectacular 4-5% H2O stuff from Saturday, even if it was a bit deeper this time around.  I added an image of tracks from Upper Glades to provide a general idea of the powder consistency.





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