Wu ZK, Sun PW, Zhang X, Zhong FT, Tong CW, Lu K. Superiority of
mitral valve replacement with preservation of subvalvular structure to
conventional replacement in severe rheumatic mitral valve disease: a
modified technique and results of one-year follow up. : J Heart Valve
Dis. 2000 Sep;9(5):616-22. 

	Dilip D, Chandra A, Rajashekhar D, Padmanabhan M. Early
beneficial effect of preservation of papillo-annular continuity in
mitral valve replacement on left ventricular function. 1: J Heart Valve
Dis. 2001 May;10(3):294-300; discussion 300-1. 

	Wasir H, Choudhary SK, Airan B, Srivastava S, Kumar AS. Mitral
valve replacement with chordal preservation in a rheumatic population. J
Heart Valve Dis. 2001 Jan;10(1):84-9. 

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systolic dysfunction correlates with the adverse postoperative
consequences of annular-papillary disconnection in the course of mitral
valve replacement for stenosis. J Heart Valve Dis. 1998 Jul;7(4):431-7.

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