Well, considering this story from today's London Guardian:

maybe he wasn't so off base...!!!   I suppose it's better he looked up the
procedure and wanted to do it "by the book" instead of winging it...  Eek.

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> I can't stand it anymore - I've got to share one of my favorites from
> shortly after I began working here a number of years ago. We routinely
> kept high-theft books locked in the staff room (coincidentally next to
> my desk) when the library wasn't staffed (we are open 24X7 to staff). An
> orthopedic surgery resident asked to borrow one of the very expensive
> standard orthopedic surgery texts. I told him that he would need to
> return the book before closing (which did not please him.) He came in
> the next morning before I arrived and asked a coworker where to find
> "the blonde who hoards the books in the back" and was told to come back
> later. When I arrived he cornered me and told me that it was urgent that
> he check that book out because (get this) he had an operation to perform
> that morning and he had to have the book in the OR!!! I don't know about
> all of you but we don't encourage folks to take our ref texts into the
> operating theater. "Surgery by the book"?!  The coup de gras? He stormed
> out muttering that he'd just have to go home and get his own copy...
> (note to self - get that doc's name - he sure won't be operating on
> anyone in my family)
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> >I am sure many of you can relate similar experiences. My recent
> >experiences, and no, I am not making this up:.....
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