I have some thoughts about the recent discussions concerning "seeing it
all" in a medical library and surgeons needing surgical information. It
is not reasonable to expect that surgeons have memorized every kind of
surgery that they need to do. I expect them to be knowledgeable in
surgical techniques but don't expect that they have memorized every
surgical approach possible for every operation possible. Surgery books
are usually very big and heavy and not easily transported back and forth
from home. It is also not reasonable to expect every doctor to remember
every medical fact that he/she has ever learned. 


The purpose of a medical library is to support the health information
needs of the hospital staff----and preferably 24 hours per day, 7 days
per week for 365 days per year.  The medical knowledge needs of
physicians especially surgeons and the patients that they treat are best
served when the information needs of the physicians are freely and
easily met.




Carol Jeuell, MSLS, AHIP

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