These wonderfully-narrated true tales of medical library humor (and anguish) cry out for collection and publication, don't you think?  Any volunteers to gather and compile an anthology of these items for "Chat: I Have Seen It All"?

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OK, I too need to relate one.  As a student assistant in the then UCLA Biomed Library (Now the Louise Darling Biomedical Library), probably during the Nixon administration (but it could've been Johnson), late at night (we were open till midnight)  I had a doctor in scrubs, mask hanging around his neck, gunk (blood?) on his chest approach the desk and request such & such a TextBook of Surgery, stat.

At that time the library was only 8 or 9 stack levels, but I assumed it was an emergency, so I got another student to cover the desk and ran up the stairs to find & retrieve the book for him (somehow the latest edition wasn't on reserve).  I had it for him in less than five minutes and while I did check it out, I bypassed the usual need for identification and actually filled out the charge card for him.

Never found out the outcome, but when I came into work several days later, my boss handed me a note, "Thank the nice young kid who found what I needed so promptly."

Twilight Zone tag.  About six-seven months later I needed surgery, and as a UCLA student was admitted to the UCLA Medical Center.  Got the same guy as my surgeon.  AND I do know the outcome of that surgery.  :-)

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A funnier story: A young couple came in the library, she very pregnant, he carrying a suitcase. They announced excitedly that they were here to have their baby! It turned out they had gotten to the hospital in their car and followed the sign saying "Deliveries" but stopped at the library before they got to the dock. We declined to deliver the baby and referred them to ER instead!

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Under the I have seen it all category:

(1) The patient family members who come to the library to purchase a plane ticket home and have been told that they can get great fares on the computer.  They don't have the foggiest notion how to use a computer, where the great fares can be found and in one case did not understand that you needed a credit card to pay for the great plane fare.  (We politely decline to help people purchase tickets online and suggest that they call an airline instead.)

(2) The father who brought his two kids in and sat down at one of our public PCs and tried to access porn sites AND complained because were not available.

(3) The family member who came to the library to complain that there were no signs on the interstate telling people that the hospital was at this exit.  We explained that the big green sign on the interstate said the hospital was at Exit 7.  She said she had not seen the sign and that it was not there.  We gave her the number of the Highway Dept.  (Checked later that week and the signs were where they have always been.)

(4)  And as almost everyone has noted, the increasing number of people visiting family who think they can park their children in the library at the computers because they get so bored in grandma's room.  And the kids complain because they cannot get onto their MySpace, Facebook, etc.

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