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From: Patricia Leembruggen, MALS 
Sent: Thursday, December 04, 2008 1:05 PM
To: MEDLIB-L ([log in to unmask])
Subject: ILL: Journal of diabetes science and technology


I think this is probably a long shot, but I'll try anyway. Does anyone
own this journal and have licensing permission to send interlibrary
loans? It doesn't have to be filled electronically-if you can print it
out and mail or fax, that will work, too. It appears to be published in
an electronic format only. 


Here's the article being requested by our client:


Journal of diabetes science and technology

November 2008;2(6):925-931

Understanding and Improving Management of Inpatient Diabetes Mellitus:
The Mayo Clinic Arizona Experience


Prefer none to minimal charge (naturally). Can put request into Docline
or OCLC. Questions, comments, or suggestions as to what I can do with
this request are all cheerfully accepted.


Thanks for your help!