Oh yes, this sounds familiar.  Several weeks ago we had one of our regular community members (not sure she is a patient) burst into my office saying "I'm going to sue the b****!"

Turns out her "boyfriend" got another woman pregnant....not sure what the grounds for her suit would be.....

Ho hum, another day in an urban library!
Have a great weekend everyone....enjoyed reading everyone's stories.

Kathleen M. (Kitty) Warner, MLS, M.Ed.
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I've had my share of physicians asking for peculiar things but I have
always found the community members more interesting and sometimes
I recall one gentleman came in wanting information on the Gulf War
Syndrome. I gave him several books and found a few articles for him
which he proceeded to read .....out loud.  He would quiet down when I
asked him to only to start reading out loud again when he read something
he didn't like. That progressed to glaring at me and finally saying that
he was sick because of people like me. Since we were the only ones in
the library at the time I quickly dialed the emergency security number
and had him escorted out of the building.  It turns out  he had been a
patient on our mental health unit the week before..

Then there was the time a guard brought a patient (gang banger
recovering from a gunshot wound) in via wheelchair and handcuffs.  The
guard tried to leave to go get a cup of coffee. Ah I think not!

Lou Miller, Medical Librarian
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