Are you starting to plan your goals and activities for 2009? Include writing for the *MLA News*!

Writing provides a great opportunity to either share expertise you already have or delve into a topic you've been wanting to learn about--and earn AHIP points in the process.

Develop an annotated webliography on a single topic for our INTERNET RESOURCES column. The topic can be clinical or something of interest to either information or health professionals. Subjects this year have included Medical Tourism, Diabetes, and Animal Research. Columns contain 6-10 URLs, with 1-3 sentence annotations each. Maximum length: 500 words.  Examples of topics we're interested in for 2009 include:

*       "Green" hospitals
*       Adult learning
*       CME directories
*       Informationist
*       Nutrition
*       Down syndrome
*       Pediatric oral health

Your own topic suggestions are, of course, welcome as well.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please include a short writing sample in your reply if you've never authored an Internet Resources column before.

Thank you,

Lynne Fox
Pat Weiss
Technology Co-Editors, MLA News

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Health Sciences Library, Anschutz Medical Campus, University of Colorado Denver
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