Are you starting to plan your goals and activities for 2009? Include writing for the MLA News!

Writing provides a great opportunity to either share expertise you already have or delve into a topic you've been wanting to learn about--and earn AHIP points in the process.

Write an article for our TECHNOLOGY column. It can be a topic review, a case study, or a report on the state of a technology. Examples of topics we're interested in for 2009 include:

*       My sites - personalized portals to resource sites. "Individualized login accounts like MyNCBI -- what sorts of features are offered and what benefit do they provide to users?"
*       Cloud computing -- what is it? why do it? How do concepts such as "Software as a Service" and Web 2.0 fit into this
*       Evaluating new technologies -- when should libraries adopt a new technology?
*       How social networking tools can help you smoothly transition from one job to another

Your own topic suggestions are, of course, welcome as well. Maximum length: 700 words.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please include a short writing sample in your reply if you've never authored a Technology column before.

Thank you,

Lynne Fox
Pat Weiss
Technology Co-Editors, MLA News

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