This has turned into quite the pile-on, along with sufficient divergence.

My only point was to try to stamp out that "I have a beacon so I'm 
safe" meme. Yes, I know Sharon knows the deal. Yes, wearing a beacon 
in-bounds in western areas does likely increase your safety margin, 
maybe, possibly, at least a little bit, sorta. Yes, it's "just 
semantics", but semantics are important. There are far too many 
people who are far too complacent about avi danger, and far too many 
of them erroneously believe that wearing a beacon "makes them safe" 
from avalanches.  That's why, for those of us who know better, it's 
especially important to pay attention to semantics and choose our 
words carefully, imho.

"Yeah mom, don't worry. Sure the avi advisory said considerable, but 
I had my beacon, so I was safe."


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