I retired today.  I was supposed to retire on Sep. 30.  I applied in early Sep. for my Army pay records from 1965-67 so I could 'buy' 2 more years of service for purposes of my retirement annuity.  I was a 2 yr. ROTC officer.  I did not pay into the retirement system, being just a kid who did not plan to make a career out of it.  Never even thought about it.  You can buy the time back by paying the gov't what you would have paid into the retirement system at the time with interest.  That may sound like a bad deal until you consider that the cost at the time was a percentage of salary and a 2nd Lt made $242/month in 1965.  One more thing; you must buy back the time before you actually retire or you lose it forever.  You can't retire first and then do it.  I applied for my records from the Army finance center in Indiannapolis in early Sep. and had heard nothing by the last week in Sep.  I called them up, a 3 day exercise in futility since the first 3 dozen calls got a recorded voice that said simply, "this mailbox is full".  When I finally got a real human on the other end she informed me that I'd have to wait, "we are backed up and it takes 45 days before we enter you in the system."  I asked if there was any way to speed things up she said, "well sir, if you were to become deceased between now and your planned retirement date, we could expedite your request."  So I extended 2 weeks at a time until last week when the records finally came through.  I am now sprung.  BTW a one time payment of $2500 gets me an additional $5000/yr. for the rest of my life. 
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