I have to give credit to Aaron for coming up with it, or at least repeating it to 
me, but as a nickname, it fits.

That huge dome shaped lodge at Spruce really does feel like what I imagine 
the Death Star in Star Wars to feel like. It isn't just the skeleton dome of huge 
beams, or the aircraft hanger sized double electric sliding glass doors, or even 
the black uniforms on the staff that are reminiscent of the officer's dress on 
the bridge of the is more the over-weening grandiosity and scale of 
the thing.

True, the bathrooms have doors 3x as wide as they need to be...and the 
bathroom has a full time attendant in the Men's room whose job it is to shake 
the last drops for you, and yes, there is a gas fireplace that apes the cozy 
MRG real thing, but like much architecture, the feel is much more (or less) than 
the sum of the parts.

Aaron, the kids, Scott and I hung out for a bit...Aaron was feeling a little out 
of place, but we did decide that there is a silver lining. It is a perfect gaper 
magnet--large and scary enough to exert it's own gravity upon the gaping 
hordes, and they shall inhabit it. This will benefit the true skiers, leaving us the 
Den in the Mansfield Base-lodge (which was aped in turn by the MRG Basebox) 
for our refreshment and apres conviviality.

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