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>For the snow geeks and MRG faithful whose mtn isn't reporting: an 
observation-- it read 24" 
>exactly last night. Hard base with a good coating of powder. A bit more new 
will make it 

for how extremely parccy it was on tuesday, and for only a few inches of 
(super high-quality) snow, i could not believe how gooood it was last night.  
must've been really sweet wed. nite.  what a recovery.  sweeet. 

***safety reminder for you pinheads: wear those knee-pads--it's still "fall 
skiing" until sunday.  

was chillin' in the dub shack, relaxing with a trout river and thinking, "eh, i'm 
just taking it easy... i don't need to put on the pads."  but for some reason, 
habit maybe, i put 'em on anyway.  and since it was reserved, i had to sneak 
down gazelle... which was noice, then panther... and WHAM!  i dipped right 
into a what looked like a fluffy pillow, but was actually a fluffy boulder... and 
got flattened.  woulda shattered that knee cap without the plastic caps, but i 
skied away with a minor bruise... thank you, arc'teryx knee-caps.

as you was,

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