I cannot thank all of you enough for the kind words over the past 48 hours,
front-channel and back-channel.  It has really made these depressing two
days, well, not so depressing.  

I had an MRI today in Albany, NY and got some very, very good news.  The
diagnosis was a dislocated patella (knee-cap) that tore a couple minor
ligaments but the major ligaments (ACL/MCL) appear to be ok.  The doc
mentioned that there was a lot of fluid around the knee in the vicinity of
the ACL but the expert opinion was little to no damage.  The dislocated
patella was shown on the MRI as deep bruising on either side of the knee and
damage to ligaments that hold the patella in place.    

Surgery will not be required and I was told told to treat this like a broken
bone...stay off it for 3-4 weeks followed by a couple weeks of physical
therapy.  This means crutches for a few weeks but I'll take it considering
the worst case scenario was pretty bleak.  Doc said I could be on snow again
around mid-February provided I don't do anything stupid and risk further

This was the "best case scenario" and I'm happy that the rehab starts now
and not in x-amount of weeks/months after a surgery.  Now all I need is to
get the swelling down so my knee doesn't look and feel like a bowling
ball...might need to go back and get my knee drained of fluid and get a shot
of steroids but aside from that, I should be golden.     

Thanks again for all the support.  See you on the hill later this season!

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