This might very well be the last opportunity I have to invade your
personal emails without being invited.  (Some of you will get
duplicates, too - sorry, just delete)     From now on you will have to
correspond with me via my personal email, see below, and only if you
want to.  I will cease to be a Medical Librarian at the end of 2008.  I
might lurk on the Medlib for a while,  just for curiosity's sake, to
satisfy myself that as a group is moving on in the right direction and
that all of you are still holding on to the profession, or the job,
whichever is the more appropriate.

So -  take your pick -
              	Hag Hanukkah  Sa-mea-ah  / Happy Hanukkah
                        	 	Merry Xmas
                         			 Happy 2009

a year of  Peace, Happiness, Contentment, Good Health, Good Health
and anything else  you are wishing yourself and your loved ones ...
Now remember:
the following title will expire with my retirement on Jan 2, 2009  (last
paycheck for 2008....)
Dalia Kleinmuntz, M.L.S. 
Director of Webster Library &  Library Resources
Evanston Hospital, NorthShore University HealthSystem 
847-570-2664 (voice)    
847-570-2926 (fax) 
[log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]>  (work)  

				After which the best way to get in touch
with me will be via 
				[log in to unmask] 
				819 LaCrosse Court
				Wilmette IL 60091 
				Home telephone given upon personal

And opinions expressed will definetely be my own...