If you weren't at the meeting here is what you missed:

This Sunday afternoon/evening we are having a pizza internal  
fundraiser where all we do is pitch in money to buy the pizza.  It  
might be hard to understand but we use money from the club fund to pay  
for the pizza up front, then (pretending we haven't already paid for  
the pizza) we chip in money for the pizza and put it into  our  
account.  It should be fun, I can get movies if you guys want either  
related to aikido or not and depending on where we have this (I will  
email later with details) there will be some form of video or board  
games.  Twister has always seemed to be a favorite at aikidoka  
parties. :)

FREE PRACTICE will start becoming a group thing.  If you are training  
you are expected to try and stay for these as it is important in  
having the type of group we want.  It will be Monday nights at the  
dojo either before or after class, and Saturdays after class.  This  
can start this saturday and monday next week.  I hope you can make, we  
will most likely work on test techniques which are good for people who  
will be testing soon, or even just the beginning trying to get a basic  

ONE LAST THING I forgot to mention at the meeting, ELECTRONIC FUND  
TRANSFERS have started at ACV to pay for the dues.  I know some of you  
may have problems with money automatically being taken out of your  
checking account every month but if you don't do this your dues will  
increase by 10$ (45-55).  If any of this is a problem PLEASE COME TALK  
TO ME, the club can help.  I knew I forgot something... :)

I hope your classes started off well, take care and I'll see you on the mat!