hi cssa

want to win this year? have i got a great idea. as soe of you know i teach
cs 148 which is all about databases and the web. do you remember the video
that won last year? a spoof of the crodicle hunter following an engieer.
funny but i dont remember anything that engineers learned.

in computer science we learn about collecting, storing and working with
data. some of you may know i also like tracking wild animals and in cs 148
we will see a google map a bobcats trails through south burlington and

so my idea a for a video (if you have not guessed already) would be to
equip an engineering student with a gps collar to track an engieers trails
(through votey, home, library, downtown etc. vidoe showing student in
class with collar on, downtown with collar on etc. :) have the results
displayed on the web via a google map and a mysql php xml document letting
the world know just how much fun CS can be :)

granted we don't have a collar but i may be able to get my hands on one
for a video shoot or we could just take a gps and duct tape it to someone.
we can create the data trails manually to represent real data. jacob knows
how to create the table, populate the records, and do the whole map thing.

what do you think?

Be Cool,
    Bob E.

Robert M. Erickson
Senior Lecturer, Computer Science Department, University of Vermont