Thank you for the updates of the J-House meeting.
Sounds very exciting!!!  It sounds like you had a good meeting.

Suzuki-sensei and I will discuss what and how much we could do.
I am going to order another all region DVD player for the Japanese 
House.  We have one in the office so that each suite could have one player.

Thank you.


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Wen Wen Cheung wrote:
> J- House Meeting Agenda/Notes
> Japanese Movie Night (Movies, Poster, Refreshment)
> - Sam and Sarah nicely Accepted to be In Charge
> -By End of Friday, Please Submit 3 Movies Names into the List serves
> -Ask Corson and Suzuki Sensei about buying new movies after the 
> submitted movie list
> - Ask Suzuski Sensei about Refreshment- Debbie (25)
> 3 Friday Movie Nights+ 1 Potluck (Last week of the month)
> Japanese House Event Brainstorm Time and Date
> -Collaboration with Tea House (50/50) on Tea Ceremony
> - Spring Festival (Volunteer/ Ask Corson Sensei)
> -Ask Corson Sensei for any possible Japanese house events possibly 
> Museum of Japanese Art
> Magazine/ Cooking/ Collaboration
> -Please 1 to 2 Magazine names to the List Serve if interested
> -Japanese Holidays (Research)  I will do some research and of course, 
> if ----anyone would like to also free to bring ideas to this Sunday 
> meeting.
> -Ask Corson and Suzuski Sensei about New Decoration (Japanese Office)
> Feedbacks
> Bobby suggests that it is a good idea that everyone could do some 
> research about the events that could be interesting for the J-House to 
> do together.
> Zach said it is could be nice for the two sensei to get more involve 
> with the J-house event.
> NEXT MEETING WILL BE THIS SUNDAY January 25,2009 at 7:00pm