On Jan 26, 2009, at 8:23 AM, Bob Wickberg wrote:

> I haven't seen the use of integrated phone/pdas become popular yet  
> (I love
> my Treo, personally), but with the iPhone now being available in  
> Vermont,
> I'm expecting to hear any day now, "but all my assignments are  
> stored in
> there!".  Keeping the policies abreast of the technology is quite a
> challenge, isn't it?

We have one student who "refuses" to use a "computer," he insists on  
using his Blackberry ... which he even has running in Blackboard. His  
big trick was using Google Docs ... his small trick was not being a  
humanities major, so he doesn't have gazillions of term papers to  
write :)

But yes, the day of the iPhone (Android, Blackberry, Palm, ...) is  
upon us ...