On Jan 26, 2009, at 9:08 AM, Darth Vader wrote:

> Speaking of the iPhone.  SB has been getting kids set up on our  
> wireless
> network with their iPod touches. The return from break was pretty  
> busy.
> We have a form to fill out for them just to be clear about the
> expectations, but we are basically treating them the same as laptops.

Speaking of which, UVM is upgrading our wireless network to support an  
802.1x  "WPA2 Enterprise."  Besides a login procedure, this provides  
(not perfect) encryption for wireless devices ... sort of makes it a  
bit harder for folks to use a wireless device to do network snooping.

For iPhone (iPod Touch) folks, two of my favorite applications are:




both are which are network discovery tools downloadable from the App