1) Updating Web Publishing Practices Discussion

How has the increase availability of Web 2.0 tools impacted your
practices, policies, and procedures regarding content hosting on the
WWW.  Many schools have in the process of modifying old Web 1.0
policies and procedures to reflect the realities of Web 2.0 in
Education.  Where is your school at in the process? Share and support
your colleagues by sharing your process, documents, etc online and
come to Vita Learn NW February meeting to finish the discussion we
start here.

Contribute to this discussion at:

2) Questions:  We started asking participants to not only share what's
new; but to also share what questions they want to explore further.
What topics do they have questions about and encourage folks to
continue the discussion online to those questions.  Click here to help
your colleagues  contribute to a discussion about these topics.

Chime in at:

At Vita Learn NW Meetings we have added a component to our Sharing
that ask people to share not only what's new, but also some questions
they are seeking answers to.  We are encouraging participants to
extend the conversations that are started at our meetings by going
online to VTCITE to further discuss these issues.  Here are the
questions that came up this time.  If you have some ideas and insights
about these (or even further questions), why not reply in the comment
area and extend the discussion.

Q: How to do Linux in the classroom?

Q: How to best network with other technology integration specialist.

Q: How to best work with Web 2.0 tools with students under 13.

Q Would like to talk about federal monitoring of teacher training?

Q How are people are managing the support end of the Web 2.0 tool?

Q What are folks doing re: netbooks;

Q Curriculum mapping and DI focus at school -- How do other schools do it?

Q: What about the state technology plan?

Q: We are sharing, but not doing it very well. How do we do it better?

Q What are your policies are personal devices?

Q: How do you support increased activity when more teachers adopt technology?

Q How to handle the fact that the high school kids damage laptops?

Q: What are your experiences with netbooks? What are their place in our schools?

Q: People who have my jobs have different standards of measurements

how can we change the measurement to be we are all supporting "student learning"
How do we assign level of priority to projects?

Q how we dealing with reliance on outside services?

i.e. Sketchcast is gone; How do we deal with reliable things that are
going to be around Google Pages is now gone

Who is maintaining their own blog and services?

What about the competitors to Flip Videos?

Q: What are your policies for using Web 2.0 tools? Does anyone
differentiate protocols or policies for using web 2.0 tools for
process work vs. publishing marketing quality final work?

Q: How do we keep up

What's good? How do we deal with "I don't have time

Lucie deLaBruere

Work: 802 527  0565 x 3206
Cell:  802  752  6086

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Lucie deLaBruere

Work: 802 527  0565 x 3206
Cell:  802  752  6086

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