On Jan 27, 2009, at 10:05 PM, Lucie deLaBruere wrote:

> And they don't have to
> wash dishes as work study in college.

I doubt that there are any dishwashing workstudy jobs - those are real  
jobs ! :)  But the workstudy jobs I do see are all people-skill jobs -  
helping people to do  something ... by answering the phone, finding  
the form to use and how to fill it out, finding the right page on a  
web site, how to

> One of
> my favorite authors was Iris Blanc who use to write "generic" books
> that could be used with any software.

I was reading a nice article in the Japan Times about teaching English  
- Amy Chavez observed that Japanese approach to teaching English is to  
teach it as a Subject; the American approach to teaching English as a  
Second Language is to teach it as a communication skill.

The biggest issues we see with "office" are more like "how do i name a  
file so I can find it in two weeks" ... or "when to use a website and  
a blog rather than emailing a brochure" ...