On Jan 27, 2009, at 9:04 PM, Laurence Booker wrote:

> Next step:  please tell me what you guys do in your IT classes so I  
> can measure my own classes
> and what I teach them.  If you're way ahead of me -- and I want to  
> know this, if it is so -- then
> I have to catch up.

Following Lucie's reminder, I dug up a link to

Information Technology and Vermont Education Goals: A Vermont State  
Technology Council Position Paper.

A number of the essential skills relate to more than one strand or  
area. These are higher- level thinking skills such as analyzing,  
synthesizing and evaluating. These skills are recognized as basic to  
the effective use of information technology. We also recognize a core  
of knowledge necessary for students in the use of technological tools  
for learning and working. This core includes: basic terminology,  
ethics, privacy, ownership, copyright, health issues, and vocational  
implications of technology.

A  classic ...


This thread reminded me of some of the more modern skills - not  
included in the "office" suite ...
	- social computing a la youtube, facebook, orkut, ...
	- collaborative computing a la online conferencing, webinars,  
wikimedia, twitter, aim, ...
	- media computing a la flickr, fotolog,
	- datasharing a la delicious, citulike, digg,
	- keitai computing a la iphone, blackberry, android,

	- ??? a la dslight (brain age, sonomama, ...) or wii/fit