Hi Mike,
I have solved part of the issue by tweaking.
1. If I disable port 80 traffic and three other ports used by the  
Heating plant controls, then I have web traffic on port 80 forwarding  
to my library server and Filemaker traffic forwarding on filemaker  
port to a different filemaker server.

2. I have received several other responses from Dave Tisdell and Eric  
Hall and believe I need to enable a second public ip  1-1 nat'd to be  
able to have a second port 80 http server on my lan.
I have not figured out how to ping or identify the second public IP  
which I am paying for but may not be configured at my cable modem.   
Ideally I would like to put either the library server or the heating  
plant server on the opt dmz port on the sonic wall. I am going to  
check with charter about enabling the second public IP

3. Anyway I am two thirds of the way to having what I want and one  
option to consider is utilizing my 2 vpn accounts which I paid for but  
have not set up or configured. Not having done any VPN, I don't know  
where to begin... Putting the heating plant at the other end of two  
vpn accounts would work for the heating plant as there are only to  
users who need outside access. the heating control company and our  
building and maintenance person.

4 I believe that if I switch off the web service on the heating plant,  
that you can access my sonic wall but I don't believe 2 admin's can be  
logged in at once....

5. I am inclined to not mess too much with changing settings and agree  
that this may be better tackled over vacation.... I think my standard  
sonic OS limits my capacity... that with an enhanced OS I can create  
several different server objects and configure traffic.

6. Let me know when would be a good time to call...... I have had a  
busy tied up morning so far.....

On Jan 30, 2009, at 9:46 AM, Michael I. Lambert wrote:

Hi John,

It's 9:45 and I'm in my office...   Call me when you have a chance on  
my cell and we can see what kind of configuratiion I can come up with...


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Subject: trying to configure public servers on sonic tz 170

I should be able to figure this out but haven't. I am trying to set up
several public servers on my lan side of a sonic wall tz 170. I
originally had one x server as a public server running filemaker,
some web pages, and a library server.....
I now need to allow public access to three different servers.
1. the xserve serving filemaker
2. Win 2003 Destiny Library catalog server (port 80 I believe)
3. Our wood chip plant controls using port 1911, 9973, and 3011 and
possibly port 80 since it is web based interface.
When I enable the wood chip controls, I lose my connections to other
servers. I need to be able to force the sonic wall to forward the
request to the appropriate server/service.
Any advice on routing this traffic through my sonic wall is much
John McSweeney
Cabot School Technologist
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John McSweeney
Cabot School Technologist
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