Last year I posted  FIVE + websites around a theme to a couple
different locations (our inschool network; my blog (Learning With
Lucie)  and VTCITE.   Got some good feedback and was encouraged to
continue posting them on VTCITE so just posted  a few Friday Fives
that never made it to VTCITE in early January with my most recent
Friday Five (Inauguration Web Sites for Classroom Teachers and
Students )

 I'm going to try to keep  the Friday Five's up to date here and hope
people will add "comments"  about other websites they know of that
relate to the theme  or volunteer to help generate an upcoming Friday
Five Collection.  If you are searching for websites around a topic
that other teachers could use;  why not volunteer to post as a Friday
Five on VTCITE  or email them to  me at [log in to unmask] and I'll
post them with CREDIT to you of course.

Here are the Friday Five's  I just added  for 2009

- Kid Friendly Inauguration Day Resources

- Inauguration Day Links (General)

- Ted Talks

- Graphing Tools

with last year's Friday Five available at

- Legal Music You Can Use

- Thanksgiving Theme

- Clipart Sites

- Photo Collections

-  Healthy Kids

- Truth or Fiction

- Freedom to Read

- Free and Open Source Software

- Election Theme

- Teacher Productivity Tools

- Body Image Theme

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