I'm doing a workshop today for teachers grades k-12 on using wikis.  Most
of the examples I have are from high schools, so I asked the Twitter
community for help and got these results:  

This is my favorite:  [

From a friend on Twitter comes this recommendation: [ ]  They
have a nice page on wiki etiquette and cybersafety. [
]  I don't see a lot of obvious
collaboration, but it could be that people are adding links to each page
about particular animals. 

More Twitter recommendations:  Two are elementary and one is high school,
but they may give you some usable examples.

[ ]

The Mt. Abe 10th grade wiki may be overwhelming, but it is a wiki used by
all 140 students taking US History.  I love it!!  Let me know if you want
help exploring it.  I'm showing it at the Vita-Learn meeting next week.


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Monday, January 05, 2009 at 9:33 AM -0500 wrote:
>Does anyone have some great examples of wiki use in middle school, grades
>5 - 8,  any subject area?  We are doing a short demo with a follow-up 
>training for teachers and would like some good examples to share to get
>them thinking about possibilities. I do understand that much of the work
>done by middle school students is contained within the class or school,
>so other work that might give teachers good ideas that would transfer to
>a middle school classroom would be great as well.   
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