:) I wish you asked yesterday at the meeting, I could have given you a first hand look at what we use at RCSU.

At rcsu we use http://www.h2desk.com/. They have a free version if you only have 1 technician, or for $99 you can get an unlimited version.   I realy like the knowlegebase;  I can easily add stuff and even set entries to be staff only for things that the pubic don't need to know but techs do (like serial numbers for software).   It can devided into departments so each school can have a lable.    The very best part is that teachers do not need to know another username, it works off their email address and an incident number, this does open it up so anybody can use it even students, but it has never been abused and the only student requests I got were legit.  

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I am looking for a HelpDesk solution for my district.   We have over 3,000 users and two technicians J

I have experience with one or zero.   Have you ever used Web Help Desk or any other product with success?








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