I'm doing a workshop today for teachers grades k-12 on using wikis.  Most of the examples I have are from high schools, so I asked the Twitter community for help and got these results:  

This is my favorite: 

From a friend on Twitter comes this recommendation:  They have a nice page on wiki etiquette and cybersafety.  I don't see a lot of obvious collaboration, but it could be that people are adding links to each page about particular animals. 

More Twitter recommendations:  Two are elementary and one is high school, but they may give you some usable examples.

The Mt. Abe 10th grade wiki may be overwhelming, but it is a wiki used by all 140 students taking US History.  I love it!!  Let me know if you want help exploring it.  I'm showing it at the Vita-Learn meeting next week.


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Does anyone have some great examples of wiki use in middle school, grades 5 - 8,  any subject area?  We are doing a short demo with a follow-up  training for teachers and would like some good examples to share to get them thinking about possibilities. I do understand that much of the work done by middle school students is contained within the class or school, so other work that might give teachers good ideas that would transfer to a middle school classroom would be great as well.   



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