Re: trying to configure public servers on sonic tz 170 John -

I run Sonic at my schools but also support a TZO170 at my local library, and have remote access to the interface... Just a sec...

I only have one public server behind the TZ170, a Destiny server on port 80. In this case I have the server on the OPT port and the rest of the LAN on the LAN port – this way the server is firewalled from the LAN as well with only specified ports open.

The TZ is not “object based” like my other SW, so there is not “define objects” step... It looks like access on mine is all in the access rules (attached). In this case I have allowed web and Z39 and traffic (port 210 defined as a “custom service”) from any interface (WAN or LAN) to the server on OPT (

As I re-read your scenario, I realize that I only have one server to route traffic to, so mine is a simple case. On the 2050 boxes I can define as many “objects” as I want and attach services to them, then route services to each object. It looks like on the 170 you would define this in either one-to-one NAT or Routing... I guess I’m not much help after all for multiple servers behind TZ170.

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on 1/29/09 1:27 PM, John McSweeney wrote:

I should be able to figure this out but haven't. I am trying to set up  
several public servers on my lan side of a sonic wall tz 170. I  
originally had one x server as a public server running filemaker,   
some web pages, and a library server.....
I now need to allow public access to three different servers.
1. the xserve serving filemaker
2. Win 2003 Destiny Library catalog server (port 80 I believe)
3. Our wood chip plant controls using port 1911, 9973, and 3011 and  
possibly port 80 since it is web based interface.

When I enable the wood chip controls, I lose my connections to other  
servers. I need to be able to force the sonic wall to forward the  
request to the appropriate server/service.
Any advice on routing this traffic through my sonic wall is much  

John McSweeney
Cabot School Technologist
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