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Subject: trying to configure public servers on sonic tz 170

I should be able to figure this out but haven't. I am trying to set up  
several public servers on my lan side of a sonic wall tz 170. I
originally had one x server as a public server running filemaker,
some web pages, and a library server.....
I now need to allow public access to three different servers.
1. the xserve serving filemaker
2. Win 2003 Destiny Library catalog server (port 80 I believe)
3. Our wood chip plant controls using port 1911, 9973, and 3011 and
possibly port 80 since it is web based interface.

When I enable the wood chip controls, I lose my connections to other
servers. I need to be able to force the sonic wall to forward the
request to the appropriate server/service.
Any advice on routing this traffic through my sonic wall is much

John McSweeney
Cabot School Technologist
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