I have no problem with this going onto vtcite.  here is another activitie on letterboxing that I thought would make a great base for web2.0 apps.  

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Hi Joanne, Lauren and Bjorn:
Would you all mind if I posted your pieces in the Tech Integration Forum on VTCITE- this would be a great discussion to have on VTCITE- as there would be an easy archive of the discussion- individuals would not have to search their email or school-it archives...  I would then post to School-IT to ask people to continue the discussion on VTCITE-
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I did this in my the into class I teach at CSC. It is simple enough that 5-8 could do it. Instead of Wiki's I used Google docs but the same group skills apply. It was a great experience, the students really got into it and produced some decent projects for only having 2 hours to do it.

Here was the assignment: http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dfq7xtjs_14cnx3gt

Here is the links page for each group: http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dfq7xtjs_72g6dbwtfw

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Subject: Wikis in middle school

Does anyone have some great examples of wiki use in middle school, grades 5 - 8, any subject area? We are doing a short demo with a follow-up training for teachers and would like some good examples to share to get them thinking about possibilities. I do understand that much of the work done by middle school students is contained within the class or school, so other work that might give teachers good ideas that would transfer to a middle school classroom would be great as well.



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