Lucie it is very possible. I am on the vtcite devopment team this year and tried it on my askbj site first to see how it works.    Our team this year really want to streamline vtcite and make it less clunky (as one school it member described it recently), as well as adding more push methods of showcasing the information like rss feeds and twitter.   I created a feedback forum and posted your email there, others are encouraged to add their ideas.  

I also started a thread under the Web2.0 forum and while it is not easily readable I copied all the recent twitter posts from School-IT.  There is definatly more to contribute and hope to see more comments: 

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Speaking of Drupal,  is there anyway that VTCITE (which I believe is 
Drupal)  could be used as way to connect its users in a Twitter Like 
Way (perhaps by Twitter or another similar module). 

It could be something as simple as a way to Search for members who 
have a published Twitter accounts (maybe a field name in our Account 
Profile). I know that the beauty of Twitter is that it is organic, but 
it might be a  nice entry point  for beginners to join the 
conversation.  And it would also make for a broadcast like tool (a la 
School IT)  that Vermonters could use to post 'comments and questions' 
that would benefit from community, but are not necessarily of 
important enough nature to end up as an email post here  or a VTCITE 

It if could double post (as mentioned by BJ) on VTCITE and TWITTER it 
would have the benefit of immediacy that Twitter provides with an 
audience that wants to be connected and it would continue to populate 
VTCITE, which I know folks are trying to do. 

Just some ideas.. 

On Thu, Jan 15, 2009 at 2:50 PM, Bjorn Behrendt <[log in to unmask]> wrote: 
> Not that I want to prolong the twitter conversation, but it did spark me to 
> look into a few things.    There is a drupal module that allows 
> snycronization between twitter and Drupal.   I connected it to 
> my site so that anything I post on there will also 
> post onto my twitter: 
> Bjorn Behrendt 
> Proctor School District 
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