We can use Essex High if I get enough lead time. 

I'd like to see some regional interaction planning at the classroom level and maybe for professional development. We have been playing with skype and a plug in  that allows desktop sharing. So far it looks good and zero cost helps.

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OK, I guess I'll make it official, Thurs 1/22 for the Pizza meeting.

I learned a lesson though, more problems with the second day than the first.

I'll make the next meeting Wednesday so hopefully more people can attend.

If you can't attend please be thinking about a Techie conference for the 
spring.  At one point we were thinking March, but that seems a little 
close for comfort.  Maybe we can do May, as our intended audience isn't 
exactly the same as Dynamic Landscapes.  What do people think of that?

Also, any ideas about a location?  Would it be horrible if we had to pay 
for a site (Champlain or St. Mikes) and raised the cost?  With no money 
up front paying may not be an option anyway.

What sort of topics are of interest to people?

Craig Lyndes


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